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Science Curriculum

Public review of New science instruction materials


OUESD has completed the pilot process for new Science Instruction Materials for our Elementary and Middle Schools. We are excited to announce the recommendation of Twig Science (K-5th) and McGraw Hill Inspire Science (6-8th). Information about the pilot process will be shared at the next OUESD Board Meeting on Wednesday, May 20th. 

Due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order, OUESD is holding the “public viewing” virtually from May 17th - June 17th, 2020. Additional information and links to view the recommended materials are provided in the Letters below. Once you view the materials, please complete the OUESD NGSS Science Curriculum Adoption Feedback Form to share your comments or questions. Your responses will be used as part of the adoption process. 

The official decision to adopt the materials will be made by the OUESD Board of Trustees at the meeting on June 17, 2020. 

The following information links are for TWIG (Grades K-5) Science:


Click to view curriculum in English

Click to view curriculum in Spanish

Middle School

The following information is for McGraw Hill (Grades 6-8) Inspire Science:

Click Here for California Inspire Science Intro Video (1:16)

1) Click Here for 6-8 Inspire Science Online Samples Click Here for 6-8 Inspire Science Online Samples – This option is the easiest way to view the print materials in an online format. You can flip through the pages of English and Spanish student editions, and other key components. After clicking the link, scroll down, click a grade level, choose the component to view and click View Sample. 

2) This 6-8 Inspire Science student demo account provides access to the digital resources:

Demo Account Site

Username: cainspirestudent68
Password: cainspirestudent68