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Administrator's Page

Administrator (Principal)

Hello Students and Families,

At Iron House, we strive to ensure academic success for all of our students by providing a safe environment for all, where all feel welcomed, respected and valued.

We believe in:

  • Setting goals and high expectations for the success of all of our students
  • Following the ‘Golden Rule’
  • Standing up for what is right
  • Purposefully creating and maintaining a safe environment
  • Appreciating and celebrating differences 
  • Partnering with parents for the success of our students

In addition, Oakley Union Elementary School District is grounded in the principle of providing a positive school climate and culture. Thus, all students in the district will be taught the principles of the 3 Bs - “Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.” Students are encouraged to follow these three basic principles in all aspects of their lives, both at home and here at school.

With a strong partnership and communication between home and school, every student can meet and exceed expectations! Please expect regular communication from Iron House teachers and staff to help ensure your student’s success. Also, please feel free to call or email us when you have a question or concern. 

Again, we look forward to your partnership this year to ensure your student’s success.

Diana Masuzumi
Principal, Iron House School