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Bell Schedules

School begins at 8:05 am every day (M, T, W, Th, F).

Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria each morning at 7:40 am.

Gates open for students not eating breakfast at 7:50 am. Students will wait at the tables until they are dismissed to their classes at 8:00.

Regular Schedule

School Begins:                                      8:05 am

TK Regular Dismissal (daily, M-F): 11:45 am
Kinder Regular Dismissal:               1:05 pm
1st - 3rd Regular Dismissal:             2:05 pm
4th & 5th Regular Dismissal:           2:30 pm



Wednesdays, Early Dismissal Schedule

School Begins:                                     8:05 am
Kinder Early Dismissal:                    12:05 pm
1st - 3rd Early Dismissal:                 12:10 pm
4th & 5th Early Dismissal:               12:31 pm