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Storytime Online

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Storytime Online.  Great website to listen to stories read from celebrities. Many books to choose from. Here's a few here:  

If I Ran for President by Lynne Avril Cravath  Read by: Lonnie Chavis, Parker Bates & Mackenzie Hancsicsak

The Hula-Hoopin' Queen by Themla Godin  Read by Oprah Winfrey

Catching the Moon; The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream by Crystal Hubbard  Read by Kevin Costner & Jillian Estell

How to Be a Good Citizen

What if Everybody Did That?   By Ellen Javernick & Illustrated By Colleen M. Madden

Being A Good Citizen By Mary Small & Illustrated by Stacey Previn

How To Change The World (a work in progress) by Kid President

What Can I Read?

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Check out a book from the Public Library! Click the blue book above.

What else can you find to read??
Books, e-books, Public library books, Newspapers, Maps, Cereal Boxes, Signs; on the road, in stores or at school. Flash cards, computer games, Kindle reader, Magazines, Toy Catalogs, Instructions, Poetry Books, Music & so much MORE!!

Why 30 million words!

How Can I Pick a Book for Me?

When you're reading, it is important to pick a book that is a good "fit."

It is important during independent reading that you're not reading a book that is too hard for you, or you will become frustrated. It is also important that you read a book that works your brain to make you a better reader. Here's how you can pick a good fit book:

  • P = Purpose - Why do I want to read? To learn something? To get writing ideas? To do a book project? To have fun? To learn about the story (plot, characters, setting, theme, etc.)? Remember, for Reading Workshop you will be reading mostly to learn about the story (plot, characters, setting, theme, etc.), so you will need a really good chapter book.  (Fun books with a lot of drawings and pictures are great for vacation and to read to relax and take a break).
  • I = Interest - Does it interest me?
  • C = Comprehend - "Do I understand it?" Try the Wrap-It-Up Rule:  Can you retell what happened on the first page?
  • K = Know - "Do I know most of the words?"  Use the 5 Finger Rule: Open the book to a random page and start reading. Put up one finger for each unknown word. If you get to 5, the book is too hard right now.
Caring for Books
  • Keep your borrowed books AWAY from water!  Place your water bottles in a separate pocket from your books in your backpack.  We can't put Library Books in the dryer!
  • Keep books away from food and beverages.  Don't feed your Library Books!
  • Keep books away from younger brothers or sisters who might scribble or tear the pages. Library books do not make good toys!
  • Keep books away from pets. Library Books are not good pet food!
  • Turn the pages of a book carefully from the outside top or bottom of the page.  Library Books do not like to be torn!
  • Make sure your hands are clean when reading a book.  Library Books can not be put in the washing machine!
  • Protect the spine of the book by always using a bookmark.  We don't want to break the Library Book's spine! And....
  • Use a bookmark to mark your place in the book.  Folding down a corner of the pages gives the book Dog Ears, it's not a dog!
  • Choose ONE particular place to keep your library books and return them when they are due.  Return them to check out a new library book!
  • READ IT!  Read the book to someone or have them read to you!  Take turns!
  • If your book has an accident, please tell your librarian, he or she will do their best to fix it.  Have integrity!

Thank you for taking care of borrowed books and even your classroom textbooks so that someone else may use them!

Good Attendance, even virtually, Equals a Good Reader!

Research proves that students who are chronically absent in Kindergarten and 1st Grade are far less likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade, Every Day Counts, Even when we are Remote Learning, for ALL grades when school starts....make good attendance a priority! 

Ask your parents if you can go online to other library websites. We all put a variety of different & exciting things on our web pages! Play games that teach you things like telling time, learning how to type, how to draw, have you do math problems & even trivia. Visit a museum or library in another country with a virtual tour! Explore your WORLD!!

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do you Have a  Library book at your house?  

Still have a library book at your house? You can return it on our drop off/pick up Wednesdays!  If you've damaged or lost your book you can pay for it by check . Payments can be made to Iron House Library & mailed to Iron House Elementary c/o Iron House Library, 4801 Frank Hengel Way. Oakley, CA  94561. 

           Thank you for being a responsible person and student !

Our Mission

The purpose of the Iron House School Library is to ensure that all students become effective and responsible users and creators of ideas and information so they may become independent, lifelong learners and develop a love of reading and literature.

How Do You See Yourself

"Students who see themselves as “learners” (rather than seeing themselves as the sum of what they know) carry something with them that is more valuable than what can be measured on any assessment or test. It’s a spark—that can’t be taken away!" Don Johnston. 
Students, keep being that amazing learner, whether in front of your computer or out in the world! You can do great things!


Library Contact

If you have  questions about your child's library account, please email Ms. Lynn at: 

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They asked her, "How did you persuade your child to read instead of playing with smart devices?!"
She said, "Children don't hear us, they imitate us."

"The best things we can do for our children is: Read with them, be with them, explain the world around them, show them how to do something; household chores, yard work, hang a picture, do what's good for you as a parent & not give in to all their requests. It's not their choice, it's yours." 

Kids.... be a good older brother or sister & show how to learn by modeling good behavior to your younger siblings.

CYRM California Young Reader Medal

Young Reader MedalThe California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program encourages recreational reading of popular literature among the young people of our state. Since its inception in 1974, millions of California children have nominated, read, and voted for the winners of the California Young Reader 

Young people recommend the titles of their favorite books for nomination, or teachers and librarians note repeatedly read or requested titles, and these are submitted to the California Young Reader Medal Committee. Members of the committee read the suggested books, discuss their merits and appeal to children, and then decide upon a well-balanced list of nominees.

To be considered for nomination, a book must be an original work of fiction published within the last four years by a living author.

Recommendations for nomination are due each year by April 1 for consideration as a nominee the following year. It is a two-year cycle from the time of nomination by students to the presentation of the California Young Reader medal to the winning authors and illustrators.