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A school house with a Box Top coupon which says, Earn Cash for our School!

Box Tops 4 Education

What are Box Tops?

Box Tops is a Year Round Fundraiser for Iron House Elementary!   Clip or scan Box Tops from your favorite products & store receipts then bring the clipped ones to school. The school receives $.10 for each box top that gets turned in!  
You can go to the Box Tops for Education website to find additional ways you can help increase our school's earnings with contests and sweepstakes. Every little bit helps Iron House purchase books our students suggest for our library!

Box Tops Products List


Get extra credit for your school when you download the new Box Tops Bonus App to discover brands and retailers offering Bonus Box Tops and earn even more cash for your school. 


Android and Apple Apps



Our Current Count

We start the year off with 0, the more you turn in or scan your receipts, the more Iron House will receive & that count will be here:



Watch those expiration dates Please!  We throw out many Box Tops because they are expired! 

                 Box Top for Education coupon

~how to clip~

They're going digital! You'll be able to scan your store receipts & pick your school right from the app!  Read where you can DOUBLE DIP both clipped & scanned coupons!
Clip it or Scan it!! Read the flyer here!      

                      A bunch of Box Top coupons
Thank you for clipping Box Tops for our ever growing  Iron House Library!!
Visit the Box Top Website for ongoing ways to win BoxTops for your school!!

*Clip Official Coupon with Expiration Visible
*Glue to Collection Sheet or put in baggie, no staples or Bonus Box Tops on the sheets.
*Have your child give to their teacher.
*Watch our fundraiser GROW!!  Classes compete for the most Box Tops quarterly.

*Enter monthly contests & sweepstakes online, some daily, for a chance at winning more BoxTops!  Some schools have won 50,000 BoxTops!   BoxTops4Education Website   A few of our parents already are winners!! 

Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 cash per year from the Clip program. There are no maximum annual earning limits for schools earning eBoxTops or Bonus Box Tops. (Contests & Sweepstakes)  Schools across the nation win sweepstakes promotions all the time just by entering!  All you have to do.... is enter every week! 

50 Collection Sheet




Our Current Count:




What Are Box Tops?