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Iron House Elementary School

Oakley Union ESD

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    Welcome Summer Lake Sea Turtles!!

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    On time, all day, every day!

    Attendance Matters!!

    Remember, “Every School Day Counts”
    Attendance matters as early as kindergarten. Studies show children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years. Students can suffer academically if they miss 10% of school days. This can be just one day every two weeks and can happen before you know it. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, college, and at work.
    How can you help?
    • Plan vacations during non-school days
    • Schedule your child’s medical and dental appointments at the end of the school day
    • Make sure they go to school every day unless they are ill.
    Attendance Works Website

    No Dogs on Campus

                      Clifford, the big red dog
    Dear Iron House Parents & Visitors,

    We love our four legged friends, but for your safety and the safety of others, please observe our no dogs on campus policy. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


    Iron House Elementary

    Welcome to Iron House Elementary School

    At Iron House Elementary School, we are proud of the high academic and behavior expectations we have of ourselves and our students. We believe that all students will be successful when provided clear, consistent expectations and positive recognition is awarded for making the right choices. At Iron House, we are all about the Eagle Way and fully embrace the Eagle Way R.I.P.S.! The Eagle Way is about:

    • Respect: Respecting ourselves and others,
    • Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching,
    • Perseverance: Always striving to do our personal best, and
    • Support: Supporting each other to meet the three above expectations every day.

    Our Vision:
    To ensure academic success for all our students by providing a safe environment for all, where all feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
    Our Beliefs:  We believe in…

    • Setting goals and high expectations for the success of all our students.
    • Following the ‘Golden Rule’,
    • Standing-up for what is right,
    • Purposely creating and maintaining a safe environment,
    • Appreciating and celebrating differences, and
    • Partnering with parents for the success of our students.

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    Transitional Kinder & Kindergarten Registration

                                  Kids holding hands  

               Iron House            enrollment & Registration

    2019 -2020

    New Families:  You will need to bring the following documents to register:
    *2 proof of current residence
    *Birth Certificate
    *Immunization Record 
    If you have any questions please contact the school office at 625-6825 ext 0.

    Uniform Complaint Procedures

    The Oakley Union Elementary School District annually notifies our students, employees, parents or guardians of its students, the district advisory committee, school advisory committees, appropriate private school officials, and other interested parties of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) process.

    The Oakley Union Elementary School District is primarily responsible for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including those related to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group, and all programs and activities that are subject to the UCP.

    Uniform Complaint Procedures, Spanish

      Iron House Logo

    Our School Wide

    R = Respect
    I = Integrity
    P = Perseverance
    S = Support

    February: Integrity
    Our focus for this month with our students is an everyday value called:    R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    Observable behaviors we want to encourage are:

    1. Take responsibility for 
        your actions.
    2. Practice the 'Golden
    3. Do the right thing
        even when no one is


    Parking Lot Safety 
    Drop-Off & Pick-Up at Iron House:

    Students may be dropped off in the Drop Off/Pick-Up loop in front of the Iron House office no earlier than 7:30am.  In consideration of others and your child's safety, please follow the following rules:

    • Drive slowly, be patient.
    • Pull forward as far as possible before stopping to unload or load children.
    • Stay in line.
    • Please refrain from parking in the loop or in the Red Zone (Fire Lane) and in designated staff reserved or disabled spots (DMV disability tag must be visible).
    • Never leave your car unattended anywhere in the lot, except in a designated parking spot.
    • If you are waiting in the right turn lane on Frank Hengel Way, don't block street driveways and stay along curb.
    • All staff is instructed to never let a student cross the parking lot unattended.
    • Please do not wait by the classroom to pick up your child. They will be brought out to the front of the school through the gates. 
      Thank you for continuing to put our children's safety first by following these procedures.