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Iron House Elementary School

Oakley Union ESD

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    Happy New Year 2019!!

    Important Links

    Principal's Twitter Feed

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    On time, all day, every day!

    Attendance Matters!!


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    Remember, “Every School Day Counts”

    Absences can add up quickly. A child is chronically absent if he or she misses just two days every month. Additionally, when children are absent, the state reduces school funding and resources toward pay for teachers and books. We all are negatively affected when a child is not in school.

    Recuerde, "cada día escolar cuenta
    Las ausencias pueden acumularse rápidamente. Un niño está crónicamente ausente si pierde dos días al mes. Además,
    cuando los niños están ausentes, el estado reduce el financiamiento y los recursos escolares para pagar a los maestros
    los libros. Todos estamos afectados negativamente cuando un niño no está en la escuela.

    Attendance Works Website

    Connecting To Your Child's Education


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    The calendar for the 2018-2019 school year is posted under 'Important Links'.  We've planned an exciting school year and appreciate you planning vacations during school breaks. Student attendance and engagement will remain a focus.

    El calendario para el año escolar 2018-2019 esta  publicada bajo 'Enlaces Importantes’
    El calendario para el año escolar 2018-2019, será publicado en el sitio web del distrito escolar. Estamos haciendo planes ya  para que este nuevo año escolar sea muy emocionante;  les agradeceríamos grandemente que ustedes planeen sus vacaciones de manera que coincidan con el tiempo de vacaciones de la escuela. La asistencia escolar y el mantener a los estudiantes muy involucrados en su aprendizaje seguirá siendo nuestro enfoque principal.

    No Dogs on Campus

                      Clifford, the big red dog

    Dear Iron House Parents & Visitors,

    We love our four legged friends, but for your safety and the safety of others, please observe our no dogs on campus policy. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


    Iron House Elementary

    Welcome to Iron House Elementary School

    At Iron House Elementary School, we are proud of the high academic and behavior expectations we have of ourselves and our students. We believe that all students will be successful when provided clear, consistent expectations and positive recognition is awarded for making the right choices. At Iron House, we are all about the Eagle Way and fully embrace the Eagle Way R.I.P.S.! The Eagle Way is about:

    • Respect: Respecting ourselves and others,
    • Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching,
    • Perseverance: Always striving to do our personal best, and
    • Support: Supporting each other to meet the three above expectations every day.

    Our Vision:
    To ensure academic success for all our students by providing a safe environment for all, where all feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
    Our Beliefs:  We believe in…

    • Setting goals and high expectations for the success of all our students.
    • Following the ‘Golden Rule’,
    • Standing-up for what is right,
    • Purposely creating and maintaining a safe environment,
    • Appreciating and celebrating differences, and
    • Partnering with parents for the success of our students.

    Enrollment Registration

    Iron House Enrollment

    You will need to bring the following documents to register:
    *2 proof of current residence
    *Birth Certificate
    *Immunization Record 
    If you have any questions please contact the school office at 625-6825 ext 0.


    kindergarten registration

    OUESD Is A Safe Haven School District

    The Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 2016-17/24 declaring the Oakley Union Elementary School District as a Safe Haven School District for students and families. This resolution is intended to serve as a reaffirmation that our District takes the safety and well-being of all students seriously. You can view the Resolution by clicking HERE

    La Mesa Directiva recientemente aprobó la Resolución No. 2016-17/24 declarando que el Distrito de las Escuelas Primarias de la Unión de Oakley sería un Distrito de Refugio Seguro para los estudiantes y familias.  Esta resolución está previsto para cumplir como una reafirmación que nuestro Distrito toma la seguridad y buen estado de todos los estudiantes seriamente.  Puede ver la Resolución haciendo clic AQUI.

    Measure W Bond Updates:  Want information on our Measure W bond?  You can get it by visiting the following webpage on our District’s website!!!


    New Elementary School Information

    Updates to School and District Websites

    You may have noticed that our school site and District websites look a little different than they did just a few weeks ago. That is because we are launching our sites under a new 508 compliant platform. This new platform is certified to conform to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0 (WCAG 2.0). These guidelines set the compliance standard for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Our old websites were not compliant.

    So what does it mean to be “508 Compliant?”
    Websites that are not 508 compliant cannot be easily accessed by people with disabilities. Our new website platform ensures that anyone who is trying to access information about our schools will be able to do so even if they have a disability.

    We want to make sure that our families and community members have ways to get the information they need about their students, our programs and our schools. Moving over to this new platform is just one more step in that direction.

    What is the difference with the new sites?
    Maintaining 508 compliance means that fonts must be a certain size and can’t be hard to read. In addition, the standards also require that the contrast ratio between the text and the background of the sites must be 4.5:1. In addition, we can’t have things like flashing or scrolling text or images without explanatory text. The important piece to remember about this transition is that our websites must be a place where anyone can find the information they need.

    Actualizaciones a los Sitios de Web Escolares y Distrito

    Tal vez han notado que nuestros sitios de web escolares y del Distrito se ven un poco diferente de hace unas semanas atrás.  Esto es porque estamos lanzando nuestros sitios bajo una plataforma nueva.  La plataforma nueva es certificada en conformar al Nivel AA bajo las Reglas de Accesibilidad del Contenido de Web v2.0 (WCAG 2.0).  Estas reglas ponen el estándar de conformidad para la Sección 508 del Acto de Rehabilitación de 1973.  Cambiando a esta plataforma nueva ha mantenido el Distrito conforme a 508.  Los sitios de web anteriores no estaban conformes.

    Que quiere decir ser “Conforme a 508”?
    Sitios de web que no son conformes a 508 no pueden ser acedados por personas con discapacidades.  Nuestra plataforma de web nueva asegura que cualquier persona que está tratando de tener acceso a información de nuestras escuelas podrá hacerlo aunque tengan una discapacidad.

    Queremos asegurar que nuestras familias y miembros de la comunidad tengan varios modos de recibir información que necesiten de sus estudiantes, nuestros programas y nuestras escuelas.  Cambiando a esta plataforma nueva es un paso más en esa dirección.

    Que es la diferencia con los sitios nuevos?
    Mantener conformidad a 508 quiere decir que las letras tienen que ser de cierto tamaño y no difícil de leer. Además, los estándares también requieren que el ratio de contraste entre las letras y el fondo de los sitios tienen que ser 4.5:1.  Además, no podemos tener cosas como letras que parpadean o se desplazan o imágenes sin texto explicativo. El punto principal de recordar de esta transición es que nuestros sitios de web tienen que ser un lugar donde cualquier persona puede encontrar la información que necesiten.

      Iron House Logo

    R.I.P.S. January Focus is: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    R = Respect
    I = Integrity
    P = Perseverance
    S = Support

    The three observable behaviors we want to encourage are:

    1. Practice active listening,
    2. Follow directions quickly &       quietly,
    3. Be kind, keeping hands &            bodies to self.



    Parking Lot Safety Parent Drop-Off / Pick-Up at Iron House

    Students may be dropped off in the Drop Off/Pick-Up loop in front of the Iron House office no earlier than 7:30am.  In consideration of others and your child's safety, please follow the following rules:

    • Drive slowly, be patient.
    • Pull forward as far as possible before stopping to unload or load children.
    • Stay in line.
    • Please refrain from parking in the loop or in the Red Zone (Fire Lane) and in designated staff reserved or disabled spots (DMV disability tag must be visible).
    • Never leave your car unattended anywhere in the lot, except in a designated parking spot.
    • If you are waiting in the right turn lane on Frank Hengel Way, don't block street driveways and stay along curb.
    • All staff is instructed to never let a student cross the parking lot unattended.
    • Please do not wait by the classroom to pick up your child. They will be brought out to the front of the school through the gates. 
      Thank you for continuing to put our children's safety first by following these procedures.

    Box Tops News!!

                  Box Top Coupons

    Help Iron House clip Box Tops! An ongoing fundraiser with products you may already have. Have your kiddos clip them!

    Check out our BoxTop page under the Programs Tab to learn more! Print out collection sheets for all your Box Tops then turn in to your teacher.