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Iron House Elementary School

Oakley Union ESD

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    9/30 Minimum Day

    10/3-10/14 Fall Break

    10/17 PTA Meeting

    10/27 ELAC Meeting

    10/28 Harvest Carnival

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    Students use ClassLink to access various applications for classes. In order to login, please refer to the printed schedule provided to you at registration for your student's ID#. You will need this ID# for your child's username and password format.



    Welcome to Iron House Elementary School


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    Fall Break Spanish



    September 2022
    English    |    Español



          While September is Attendance Awareness Month, our district’s pledge is to create a culture of achievement for every student, every day, all year long! This year, our commitment is to continue to provide a safe learning environment while we focus on re-establishing good attendance habits and family connections.

          “Showing up” is a valuable life habit – it represents more than attendance, it’s an attitude – it’s showing up, being present, and being engaged. It’s also a great way to celebrate the start of our new school year. According to the research, attending school every day possible:

    • Helps kids get back on track and recover lost momentum
    • Promotes student learning and increases chances of graduation
    • Helps kids feel better about school and themselves
    • Improves mental health through socializing, developing friendships, building   empathy and forming lasting relationships with peers
    •  Allows for a personalized learning experience that keep students from falling behind

          Evidence shows when families and schools have strong relationships, children are more likely to stay in school, graduate and do well academically and socially. With you and your family on our team, we will successfully prepare, educate and inspire every student.

          Thank you for your dedication to show up all year long!


    Jeff Palmquist




          Como septiembre es el Mes de Concienciación sobre la Asistencia, el compromiso de nuestro distrito es crear una cultura de éxito para cada estudiante, todos los días y ¡durante todo el año! Este año, nuestro compromiso es continuar a ofrecer un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro mientras nos enfocamos en restablecer buenos hábitos de asistencia y conexiones entre las familias.

          “Presentarse” es un hábito de vida valioso: significa más que asistencia, es una actitud: es aparecerse, estar presente y participar. Es también una excelente manera de celebrar el comienzo de nuestro nuevo año escolar. Según los estudios, asistir a la escuela todos los días posibles:

    • Ayuda a los niños volver a la normalidad y recuperar tiempo perdido
    • Promueve el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y aumenta las posibilidades de graduación
    • Ayuda a los niños a sentirse mejor acerca de la escuela y de sí mismos
    • Mejora la salud mental a través de la socialización, el crecimiento entre amistades, la creación de empatía y la formación de relaciones duraderas con los compañeros
    • Permite una experiencia de aprendizaje personalizada que evita que los estudiantes se queden atrás

          La evidencia muestra que cuando las familias y las escuelas tienen relaciones sólidas, es más probable que los niños permanezcan en la escuela, se gradúen y les vaya bien académicamente y socialmente. Con usted y su familia siendo parte de nuestro equipo, vamos a poder preparar, educar, e inspirar con éxito a cada estudiante.

          ¡Gracias por su dedicación para presentarse durante todo el año!


    Jeff Palmquist




    Welcome to Iron House Elementary 2022-2023 

    Bienvenidos a la Escuela Primaria Iron House 2022-2023 


    At Iron House Elementary School, we are proud of the high academic and behavior expectations we have of ourselves and our students. We believe that all students will be successful when provided clear, consistent expectations and positive recognition is awarded for making the right choices. At Iron House, we fully embrace the Eagle Way:

    • Be Safe:            
    • Be Respectful: Respecting ourselves, others & property
    • Be Responsible: Always striving to do our personal best, 

    Our Vision:
    To ensure academic success for all our students by providing a safe environment for all, where all feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
    Our Beliefs:  We believe in…

    • Setting goals and high expectations for the success of all our students.
    • Following the ‘Golden Rule’,
    • Standing-up for what is right,
    • Purposely creating and maintaining a safe environment,
    • Appreciating and celebrating differences, and
    • Partnering with parents for the success of our students.



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    Uniform Complaint Procedures

    The Oakley Union Elementary School District annually notifies our students, employees, parents or guardians of its students, the district advisory committee, school advisory committees, appropriate private school officials, and other interested parties of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) process.

    The Oakley Union Elementary School District is primarily responsible for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including those related to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group, and all programs and activities that are subject to the UCP.

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    Practice all your Be Kind skills even when you're not on campus.